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One Generation Away

In Audio by Bob Veil

Speaker: Bob Veil Description: Areas where we have an urgent need to go back to the basics and ground new members. Record#: 233 Book: Track: Bible Class

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Bible Class

In Audio by PTP Panel

Speaker: PTP Panel Description: Victor Eskew – The Janitor’s Psalm (Psalm 84) Wayne Jones – Under the Faucet (Psalm 68:19-20; 128) Record#: 231 Book: Psalms Track: Textual, Bible Class, Teens

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The Other Trial of Jesus

In Audio by Gary Massey

Speaker: Gary Massey Description: More than a year before Jesus’sham trials before the Sanhedrin and Pilate, Jesus presented his actual defense in John 5. In this lesson, a trial lawyer will examine the evidence and witnesses that Jesus presented to prove his claim that he is the Son of God. Record#: 223 Book: Track: Bible Class

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I Am the Sacrifice!

In Audio by Westley Hazel

Speaker: Westley Hazel Description: Jesus did not call us to make a bunch of sacrifices in our life. He called us to be the sacrifice. When we understand that, it will change our world. Record#: 222 Book: Track: Bible Class