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How to Part Ways with a Preacher

In Audio by Alan Highers

There are too many horror stories on both sides. If it ever becomes time to make a change, how can an eldership best handle the needs of the congregation and protect God’s servant, your preacher, so he can land on his feet to bless another part of the kingdom? Class #505

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Correction–I Know the Bible Says to Reprove Unfruitful Works of Darkness, but How Do I?

In Audio by Neal Pollard

The Word of God prohibits all fellowship with evil and expects faithful people to expose or reprove wicked works (cf. Ephesians 5:11). Christians frequently have friends and loved ones who habitually practice specific sins or who fall from faithfulness due to these transgressions (e.g. fornication, drunkenness, etc.). This class will encourage kind and honest interaction with friends and loved ones …