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Seven Minutes of Wisdom: Preaching in a Social Media-Saturated World

In Audio by PTP Panel

Speaker: PTP Panel Description: “Tony Brewer – Preaching in a Social Media-saturated World Roger Comstock – Emotional Intelligence–An Essential Tool in the Preachers Tool Belt Allen Hahn – Tips for Greater Self-discipline David Hamrick – Waking the Sleeping Giant, Insights into Helping Churches Grow James Rogers – Lead Us not into Scandal Lee Snow – Dynamic Bible Reading. This class …

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Almost Thou Persuadest Me

In Audio by Rob Whitacre

Speaker: Rob Whitacre Description: Do you have trouble getting the prospect over the finish line? When conducting a Bible study, how hard should I push for conversion? The art of persuasion is Scriptural! Rob will provide several different closing techniques and teach us when to use them. Record#: 365 Book: Track: Preachers, Evangelism