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Considering Homeschooling Disadvantages

In Audio by Cindy Madaris

This class will weigh such things as Extracurriculars and Competition (You Don’t Know You Are Missing out until It Is Too Late), Inability to Grasp Difficult Subject Material (Some Subjects Are Best Learned through Skilled Teachers), Lack of Socialization (the Ability to Make Friends, Opportunities for Dating and Networking Relationships), and Loss of Mentoring/Evangelism Opportunities. Cindy, and her husband Jeff, …

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Seven Minutes of Wisdom: Parenting and Homeschooling

In Audio by PTP Panel

Mallory Baker: Developing a Safe, Joyful Home Amy Judd: When Socialization IS an Issue. This portion of Seven Minutes of Wisdom for Homeschoolers will discuss the hot-button issue of socialization.  The world believes homeschool children lack everyday opportunities to socialize.  Is that true, and if so, what can we do about it? Jana Lyons: Scream-free Parenting. A review of Hal Runkel’s …