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Where are the Aliens?

In Audio by Branyon May

Speaker: Branyon May Description: Science fiction has always loved the idea of extraterrestrial alien life. This love of a fictional scenario has also influenced actual scientific programs, especially visible in the efforts of the SETI organization (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence). What implications does this search bear for humanity? If secular scientists can search for signs of intelligence from space, can …

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Seven Scholarly Minutes: Does God Use Evil to Accomplish His Purposes?

In Audio by PTP Panel

Speaker: PTP Panel Description: Doug Burleson – Does God Use Evil to Accomplish His Purposes? Caleb Colley- Is the Scheme of Redemption Cosmic Child Abuse? Melvin Otey – In Matthew 27:9-10, Who Was Matthew Quoting? Neal Pollard – Understanding the Difference between LORD and Lord. What practical suggestions are there for applying this information? James Rogers – Is All We …

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Raiders of the Faux Ark: Bad Archaeology and Worse Apologetics

In Audio by Dewayne Bryant

Speaker: Dewayne Bryant Description: Conspiracy theories and fraudulent claims abound on the Internet when it comes to topics like Noah’s ark, the ark of the covenant, and evidence of the exodus. This session discusses how we can tell legitimate scholarship from pseudo-archaeology and use the truth to defend the faith. Record#: 169 Book: Track: Scholars’ Think Tank