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Seven Minutes of Wisdom for Scholars

In Audio by PTP Panel

Jody Apple – Is There Any Proof for Inspiration? == Kirk Brothers – ​Is There Any Proof for an Afterlife? == Jeff Miller – Is There Any Proof for Creation? == Michael Houts – Is There Any Proof for Jesus’ Deity? == Justin Rogers – Is There Any Proof for the Resurrection? == David Lipe – Is There Any Proof …

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The Fate of the Wicked: Annihilation or Unending Punishment?

In Audio by Eric Lyons

Although children of God are much more interested in dreaming and talking about eternal life with our gracious God, legitimate questions need to be answered in a loving, biblical, and logical manner regarding the nature of hell. What do the Scriptures teach about the fate of the wicked? Will they eventually go out of existence or be punished forever? Class …