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The Vocabulary of Spiritual Victory: Love

In Audio by Terrance Brownlow-Dindy

Speaker: Terrance Brownlow-Dindy Description: Numerous precious words authored by God in the Holy Scriptures suffer tremendous abuse at the hands of men and culture. This will define the term “love”as it occurs in various forms in the Bible and suggest practical ways for children of God to apply this understanding. Record#: 405 Book: Track: Spiritual Growth, Young Adult and Singles

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The Rescuers Down Under: Lessons from the Judges

In Audio by Chance Hicks

Speaker: Chance Hicks Description: The judges were God’s rescuers sent to relieve His people from their oppressive enemies. They were rescuers from down under because they often came from unexpected places or faced very difficult circumstances. What lessons can we learn from the judges that will help us grow spiritually and be victorious as God’s people over the temptations of …

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Extreme Focus: Serve Christ No Matter What Comes

In Audio by Larry Kirby

Speaker: Larry Kirby Description: Larry and Joyce Kirby, faithful preacher and dedicated couple, had three children. One son died in 1985. The other two grew up and married. The daughter, Elizabeth, had two children, Eli and Layla. Her husband murdured her and is now in prison. This left Larry and Joyce to rear the children. Later, their grown son contracted …

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Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

In Audio by Josh Allen

Speaker: Josh Allen Description: John 14:1-4 is a beautiful passage, but it shines even more brightly when you consider the backdrop. This lesson surveys the events on the night Jesus was betrayed (John 12-14, Matthew 26, Mark 14, Luke 22). There were many troubled hearts that night, including the heart of Jesus. Record#: 203 Book: John, Matthew, Mark, Luke Track: …